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Your trusted consulting partner with unique expert vision in business, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology
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My clients says that I do my best to study all the details of the project, carefully calculating each step.

In fact, I just know all the places where they could have lost money and would probably have lost if they had not my consulting.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert
Specialist, consultant and business strategist with deep expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
Strategic Advisor
Strategic Consulting Partner of a leading cybersecurity consultancy
Investment Expert
Investment expert at the Ukrainian Startup Fund
Trustee at NEM Continuity Fund
Trust Fund Manager in the NEM Blockchain Ecosystem
Mentor, Facilitator
Certified mentor-facilitator of the UPSHIFT program from UNICEF according to the Human-Centered Design methodology
Lecturer, Public Speaker
Professional public speaker at conferences, summits, educational meetings
The first in Ukraine
Who joined the board of the world-class crypto project
TOP 5 Crypto Expert
He stands among the top five Crypto and Blockchain experts in the country
Record holder
Holds a national record of Ukraine for the number of crypto payments
A book author
Wrote a unique book for children, 3-language limited edition
Cambridge graduate
Completed the Digital Transformation training program
TOP 1% in IT
Has a position in the TOP-1% of leaders of the global IT industry according to LinkedIn
Participated in the first Ukrainian charity fundraiser in cryptocurrencies
Election with Blockhain
Implemented an experiment with the Central Election Commission, recording the results of the 2014 elections on the blockchain
My experience
Career start: experience in business, trade, logistics, and manufacturing.
Studies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, fundamental immersion in the technology, first investments and work with blockchain
February 2017
The first NEM meetup in Ukraine (later it had become one of the most famous projects in the country according to Kantar). Assumption of the position of NEM Ukraine Leader.
For awarding of his contribution to the development of the project and achievements, he was elected as a member by an open blockchain voting of the Board of Directors of the NEM Foundation, Singapore.
May 2019
Received a position of Special Projects Lead within the NEM Foundation.
November 2019
Completed training and became a certified mentor and UNICEF facilitator of the UPSHIFT project.
January 2020
Became an expert of the largest state fund for support of startups and innovations - Ukrainian Startup Fund.
July 2020
Was appointed as the Strategic Advisor at the Hacken, a leading cybersecurity consultancy
January 2021
Became one of the managers of the NEM Continuity Trust, Gibraltar.
Future plans: expanding competencies, obtaining an international coach certification, developing the NEM Continuity and Development Fund.
Choose the needed service and get expert advice, that will solve problems of your business specifically
I will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and managing strategies for crypto assets, saving you from the trial and error stages.
Intensive on crypto assets
Trading Basics
Investment strategies
Fraud protection
I will clearly and understandable show the benefits of blockchain technology for your business. I will help to implement this technology in your projects on all levels.
The ideology of decentralization
Areas of application and problems to be solved
Implementation strategy
I will test the business model of your cryptocurrency and blockchain startup, I will share advice on the development of the project.
Market analysis of the market
Niche testing
Business model analysis
I will help determine the paths of threat and directions for protecting your digital identity. I will take care of your personal and corporate security.
Working on the interests of the client
Analytics and planning
Development strategy
Business model crash test
Have no clue how to improve your idea or project? Get a critical viewpoint and a set of recommendations from an expert on improving your current business model.
A critical assessment of the company's business processes
Identifying strengths and weaknesses
Developing a winning business strategy
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A speaker,
which will be remembered
Speech at the NBU forum with the report "What is blockchain for? Basics and features of technology"
Training on the blockchain technology in smart cities together with Kyiv Smart City
Lectures on the blockchain technology at a meetup for the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Participation in a series of training meetups in Ukrainian cities
I will participate in your conference, host a summit, educational meeting, master class, or training. I will prepare a unique and interesting issue.
Mentor, speaker, lecturer
I share unique and expert knowledge
Was a speaker at 100+ events
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Sofia and
Wonder Money
Financial literacy for the next groving generation
Sofia and her friend NEMchik are joining an exciting adventure, when the main character learns about ""miracle money"" - cryptocurrencies. NEMchik tells her about digital currencies and why they are so popular today.
Authors: Anton Bosenko and Bogdan Prishchenko
For children and adults
For children and adults

Blockchain is an innovative technology, it has a steadily increasing demand. According to Accenture, in 2025, cryptocurrencies will become an integral part of the global capital market. The famous analyst Willie Wu says, that in 2025 the capitalization of bitcoin will be $1 trillion and the main cryptocurrency will compete with gold.

Why is the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies only increasing? Blockchain technology can reduce commission costs, increase transaction speed, ensure payment confidentiality, and streamline business processes. In 2021, more and more finance, real estate, energy, logistics, insurance, and other companies will implement blockchain solutions, and the interest from investors will remain high. In the future, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will become an integral part of our life, like the Internet, so 2021 is the best time to start getting to know them.

Slava Demchuk
CEO at — AML specialist in crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether)
Отзыв на LinkedIn

Anton has a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology which helps him design attractive user interfaces and communication strategies. He is also a captivating collocutor and public speker. All those features along with responsibility make Anton a perfect companion, partner, or college.

Dyma Budorin, ACCA
Co-Founder and CEO at Hacken Group
Отзыв на LinkedIn

I would love to endorse Anton’s most valuable from my point of view skills:
1. Anton takes the lead for new initiatives. He brings his vast experience to create new and reshape old business processes
2. Get the work done mentality. If Anton took the commit, be sure it would be done on time with perfect quality
3. Top level communications skills. Not just with clients but also inside the team. Anton is a heart and driver of our top management team

Jeff McDonald
Brand Ambassador and Non-Executive Director at NEM Group
Feedback on LinkedIn

Anton worked with the NEM Foundation for 2.5 years as a Council Member, Business Development Lead for CIS and CEE regions, and Lead for Special Projects of the Foundation. During these years, blockchain was still at an inherently early stage and was faced with many growing challenges. I was lucky to have managed Anton and observed him regularly take on assignments in an ever-changing landscape, forge his path and excel at learning and adapting to the tasks. I was especially impressed with his abilities to network within and outside of the industry, find interesting and meaningful ways to deploy blockchain to aid in a variety of use cases and his ability to plan strategically and effectively organize processes. I highly recommend him as an individual that can take on challenging roles and excel.

Jason Lee
Chief Operating Officer at Algorand Foundation
Отзыв на LinkedIn

Anton was one of the most committed professionals through his work at Foundation. Proactive, ambitious, committed and a broad-minded perfectionist. He is insightful and independent yet a strong team player. He has the vision to see the benefits and the passion to turn that into measurable results for Foundation. Anton always maintains a good relationship with co-workers and partners. Experiencing his quick and sharp mind at the workplace is most outstanding.

Pedro E. Gutierrez Q.
Co-Founder & CEO en SynergyCriptoadviser SAS - - - Senior Business Development Consultant - Latam and Spain en NEM Group Limited
Отзыв на LinkedIn

Anton has a great ability to deconstruct processes, which gives him a much more accurate vision when generating an appropriate strategy when making decisions in the development of a business.

Leonid Foiu-Khatskevych
Strategic Partnership Manager at
Отзыв на LinkedIn

Anton is wonderful to work with and has unique expertise in Blockchain and Business areas with a critical and pragmatic approach. I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in strategic execution. He is a creative and result-oriented expert with great interpersonal skills. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, with tight deadlines and limited resources, Anton is the best fit!

Dmytro Lobanov
PM Assistant – UPSHIFT Ukraine
Отзыв на LinkedIn

Anton Bosenko is one of the most enthusiastic people I have met for several last months. He has agreed to support the social project for adolescents UPSHIFT Ukraine and invested his free time and professional experience into mentor-ship for the youth aged 16-21 on voluntary base for 3 months, since November, 2019.

Being a mentor for him means not to be only a trainer or expert, but create the opportunities for the young individuals for making their own decisions. Anton based his work on human centered design methodology tools that let his team of sum up the ideas and develop the vital project on soft-skill training.

Thanks to his great communication and presentation competencies, Anton could easily deliver informal educational approach of UPSHIFT to the team of young people that caused the additional impact on their oratory skills and increased their self-confidence level.

Yevhen Hrekov
Attorney-at-law, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor
Отзыв на LinkedIn

I was lucky to collaborate with Anton in a social and educational project. He responded to a request to share with the students of Poltava Law Institute his best practices and knowledge about the principles of functioning of Blockchain technology and cases on its application in legal activities and various areas of life in general.
Anton is a professional, as well as an extremely enthusiastic and positive person. Also, his public speaking skills and ability to keep the audience interested only increase the effect of his speeches and help attract new participants to the community of Blockchain technology admirers.

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